What are enzymes?

Enzymes are workhorses. People who take them every day with every meal will feel better. People don't need to have a digestive problem to benefit from enzymes.

Enzymes are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the body

Enzymes are catalysts

Enzymes are connected to every working organ in the body and run life's processes

Enzymes are not destroyed by stomach acid

Enzymes are destroyed by cooking and processing food

Enzymes can prevent partially digested proteins from putrefying, carbohydrates from fermenting, and fats from turning rancid in the body

Enzymes from a plant source become active as soon as they enter the body

Enzymes from an animal source are only active within the small intestine in an alkaline pH of 8.0

Enzymes may be taken between meals and at bedtime to assist the body.

If foods are digested improperly they can ferment in the digestive tract, producing toxins that are absorbed in the digestive tract, then producing toxins that are absorbed into the bloodstream, possibly causing various illnesses. Like a vicious cycle, nutritional deficiencies may deplete enzyme stores.*

HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES INC™ is dedicated to the idea that everyone is entitled to the healthiest and most energetic lifestyle they are capable of attaining.

With the combination of good nutrition, moderate exercise, and enzyme supplementation, you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of life: improved digestion, increased energy, weight loss, stronger immune system, improved elimination, healthier skin, better sleep, lower cholesteral, less inflammation.

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